Afternoon Talk with Yanky Fachler | 3 Holocaust Libel Trials | January 14th 2018, @3pm

holocaust libel trials

The IJM is delighted to present an afternoon with Yanky Fachler of The Jewish Historical Society of Ireland. The talk will take place at the IJM Sunday, January 14th, 2018 at 3PM.

Yanky Fachler explores three post-WW2 libel trials that were inspired by the Holocaust: The State of Israel vs Malchiel Gruenwald – the Kastner Affair – in Jerusalem in 1954; Dr Wladislaw Dering sued American Jewish novelist Leon Uris in 1964 in London for defaming him in Exodus; and in 2001, in London, David Irving sue American Jewish historian Deborah Lipstadt for claiming in Denying the Holocaust, that Irving was a Holocaust denier.

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