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Refugees in Ireland, 1939-1945

December 2, 2015

  The history of Ireland’s acceptance of refugees during World War 2 is controversial. It is also greatly misunderstood as Dr. Gisela Holfter from the University of Limerick told an audience at the Irish Jewish Museum. In an unscripted tour-de-force Dr. Holfter kept everyone engaged as she shared some of the outcomes of her research. She outlined the circumstances which compelling refugees to seek asylum in Ireland, together with the obstacles elements of the Free State government placed in their paths. She offers a diverse list of identities for consideration that ranged from obscure entrepreneurs to luminaries in the fields of academe, arts and science. The most notable of those who availed of asylum in Ireland was Noble Laureate but there were others equally esteemed in the field. Dr. Holfter detailed the wide range of locations asylum seekers were assigned to, particularly those in the areas of manufacturing. This condition of entry explains why ribbon and hat manufacturing enterprises were established by Jewish businessmen in obscure Irish rural locations. Dr. Holfter brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to a subject and a period that is largely overlooked in modern history.  

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Simon Lewis Reading

August 4, 2015

This is a short clip of Simon Lewis’ reading at the IJM of some of his poems from the ‘Newtown’ collection. In this video, Lewis introduces the collection and gives some context to the poems. He reads two poems: “Meeting Isaac Marcus” and “Landsmannschaft.”  

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Irish Republican Jews

October 28, 2014

  In this first part of two, presenter Yacky Fachler pays tribute to Robert Briscoe, who not only helped to import arms for the rebels, he went on to become a founder member of Fianna Fáil. He was a close confidante of Eamonn De Valera and was a long serving member of the Irish parliament. He was elected as Lord Mayor of Dublin, a post also held by his son Benjamin. As the centenary of the 1916 Uprising approaches, plans are afoot to pay tribute to this Irish historical milestone and the personalities associated with the event. Smile as you hear how Michael Collins escaped capture by the British disguised as an Orthodox Jew. He introduces the audience to Estella Solomons who was an active member of Cumann na mBan (the womens’ IRA), before becoming a renowned artist in her own right. We also hear of Gerald Goldberg, a solicitor who was highly regarded in Republican circles for his robust, and often successful defences of accused prisoners. He became the first Jewish lord mayor of Cork, and one of the early pioneers of Progressive Democrats party. The little known role of Jacob Elyan during the 1913 Dublin lock out is heard by many for the first time. Others will be surprised to learn of the closeness of respected lawyer Michael Noyek to Arthur Griffith, who was notorious for his previous antisemitic statements, particularly during the Dreyfus affair. Part 1   Part 2  

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20th century Irish boycotts: Jews and Limerick 1904

July 17, 2014

  ‘I protest as an Irishman and as a Catholic against the barbarous malignancy of anti-semitism which is being introduced into Ireland under the pretended regard for the welfare of the Irish people.‘ – Michael Davitt Thursday 16 June 1904 is recognised as Bloomsday, in James Joyce in his masterful Dublin novel, Ulysses. The work concerns a daily wander round Dublin by an Irish Jew, who by his background is neither quite Irish or Jewish to satisfy the criteria for respective tribal membership. In a talk to the Jewish Historical Society, Yanky Fachler initially addresses the Limerick Boycott in its Irish historical context of struggle against oppression. In a piece of original research he traces its genesis to the Dreyfus case in France, with all the echos of anti-semitism from that event. 1904 is also the year of the “Limerick Pogrom” and even though Joyce did not publish Ulysses for another 18 years, he still chose that year as the setting for his revolutionary novel. Co-incidence or what?  

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The Irish Jewish Museum Receives Recognition For High Standards Under The Heritage Council Museum Standards Programme For Ireland (MSPI)

July 2, 2014

On Wednesday, 2nd July 2014 the Irish Jewish Museum (IJM) was recognised for high standards in the management of its Museum, the care of its collection and its visitor services by the Heritage Council of Ireland under the “Museum Standards Programme for Ireland” (MSPI). Michael Starrett, (Chief Executive of the Heritage Council) stated: “This programme is the only one of its kind in Ireland which focuses on improving the standard of care for collections across Irish Museums and Galleries. Although a voluntary programme, it is valued within the industry with 56 Museums taking part in the accreditation process, 24 of which have achieved Full Accreditation to date. Each of these museums has been working towards this award for a number of years. This achievement reflects their hard work and signals to visitors that the Museum they are visiting is one of high standards.” The Irish Jewish Museum joined the programme in 2010. This Museum, which is entirely dependent on volunteers, was awarded Interim Accreditation by MSPI whose assessors stated:   “The Museum is to be congratulated on the enormous steps that have been taken towards meeting the Accreditation standard. Museums with permanent full-time professional staff do not find the process easy and this must be doubly so for a volunteer-led Museum drawing on the resources of volunteers with multiple calls on their time. Working with a very small group of volunteers and limited resources, the Irish Jewish Museum has made major strides in not only addressing the Interim requirements…

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Annual Bloomsday Lecture with Louis Lentin

June 13, 2014

  The acclaimed former director of drama at RTE, Louis Lentin, delivered the 2014 Annual Bloomsday Lecture at Dublin Jewish Museum, on 12/June/2014. He described his talk, a Ramble Through Ulysses, as a continued oration. He described it as an updating of a talk he gave in 1992, with the late Gerald Goldberg, also at Dublin’s Jewish Museum. In a highly entertaining evening, Louis shares the magic, humour, scholarship of Joyce’s most Dublin of novels with an engaged audiuence. He takes them of a literary geographical and mythical tour of the capital at a when time talk insurrection, pogroms and independnce was in the air.  

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The Irish-Jewish Ulysses discussed by Professor Neil R. Davison

November 27, 2013

  Is Ulysses a Jewish novel or even an Irish one for that matter? In the 2013 Annual Bloomsday lecture, Professor Neil R. Davison. asks whether Joyce’s making the central character of his mater novel, Leopold Bloom Jewish, makes Ulysses a Jewish novel. He speaks on “The Irish-Jewish Ulysses” in celebration of Bloomsday 2013 at the Irish Jewish Museum. Professor Davison examines the biographical, historical, religious, and political backgrounds surrounding how and why Joyce came to create such a robust and important Jewish character as Bloom.    

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Carl Nelkin sings at the Irish Jewish Museum

November 28, 2012

Carl Nelkin sings at the Irish Jewish Museum, Dublin.  

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Dublin’s Little Jerusalem

September 2, 2012

“Dublin’s Little Jerusalem” by Sheila Langan – Irish America, August/September 2012 Dublin’s Little Jerusalem – Museum Begins Ambitious Expansion Download Article 

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Read about us in Irish America Magazine – August/September 2012

July 17, 2012

Read about us in Sheila Langan’s article in Irish America Magazine, August/September 2012 issue.  Dublin’s Little Jerusalem – Museum Begins Ambitious Expansion Download Article   

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Grapevine: No blarney here

October 5, 2011

“Grapevine: No blarney here” by Greer Fay Cashman – The Jerusalem Post, 5 October 2011 Grapevine: No blarney here  

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Dublin’s Jewish Museum: A Window into an Important Community

July 5, 2011

“Dublin’s Jewish Museum: A Window into an Important Community” by Patrick Comerford – Patrick Cromerford, 5 July 2011 Dublin’s Jewish Museum: A Window into an Important Community  

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Who do You Think You Are?

April 17, 2011

  “Who do You Think You Are?” Dervla Kirwan (Part Three) Dervla explores her Jewish heritage – starts at 3 mins. Dervla Kirwan (Part Four) Dervla Kirwan (Part Five)      

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The Star of the County Down

March 6, 2011

Carl Nelkin sings “The Star of the County Down” at the Irish Jewish Museum – Bloomsday, 2011.  

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When Irish ‘Oys’ Are Smiling

November 1, 2007

“When Irish ‘Oys’ Are Smiling” by Elyse Glickman – Jewish Exponent, 1 November 2007 When Irish ‘Oys’ Are Smiling  

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A Slice of Ireland: A Museum Struggles to Survive

February 3, 2007

“A Slice of Ireland: A Museum Struggles to Survive” by Marilyn Zeitlin – Forward, 13 March 2007  A Slice of Ireland: A Museum Struggles to Survive  

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