Holocaust Education

Ettie Steinberg
Ettie Steinberg on her wedding day

The Irish Jewish Museum currently receives school groups from all over Ireland who come to pursue their studies in world Religions and History. The museum provides a speaker for each group on the subject(s) of their interest and gives a guided tour of the museum.

The subject of the Holocaust is normally integrated into the talks as part of the history of the Jewish people. There is a special emphasis given to the experience of the Holocaust as it relates to Ireland. For this, we draw upon the exhibits at the museum including those on Ettie Steinberg, (A Dublin victim of Auschwitz), the Dublin bombings, letters of appeal on behalf of refugees, and notification of the termination of the Jewish secretary to the German legation in 1933.

Listen to the story of Ettie Steinberg, the only known Irish citizen to be murdered in Auschwitz


The museum currently houses a large bookcase dedicated to literature about the Holocaust which is available for reference to research students.

In addition, the museum provides speakers and tours for college students, local community groups and international tours as well as greeting thousands of independent visitors annually. For many of these visitors who come from all over the world, it is an opportunity to reflect upon the Holocaust and to learn about the connections of the Holocaust to Ireland. The exhibit of the burned Torah scroll saved from a Synagogue in France is highly evocative as is the Nazi dagger engraved by a survivor with a Magen David for his Irish rescuer.

In our small bookshop, we offer books relating to the Holocaust and Ireland and also an Irish-made C.D. and DVD on the subject.

The Irish Jewish Museum is the only location on the island of Ireland which has a permanent (although presently small) exhibition on the Holocaust.


To facilitate the ever-increasing requests from schools to include Holocaust awareness and education into the presentations at the museum, we are developing relevant multi-media educational materials which complement the school curriculum at each level.

While teaching about the Holocaust, other issues such as racism and human rights will be addressed with the purpose of increasing awareness and tolerance in society.

  • Holocaust Education Trust Ireland co-ordinates Holocaust Awareness Programmes and Teacher Education Programmes throughout Ireland: www.hetireland.org.
  • Excellent British web resource for students and teachers on the Holocaust: www.theholocaustexplained.org.
  • The following are links to educational programs offered by the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum website: Introduction to the Holocaust


For younger students, we co-ordinate with their teachers to address the subject through literature using Marilyn Taylor’s books 17 Martin St. and Far Away Home which are based in Ireland.


Further teacher resources on the Holocaust that we recommend are:


The museum is co-operating with the Holocaust Education Trust of Ireland and the new Holocaust Studies programme at Trinity College to provide a full-spectrum range of educational activities.

Future research projects will be encouraged including the subject of Irish citizens who were caught up in the Holocaust and the fates of the many fleeing Europe who were refused admission to the State before and during the war.

Holocaust Education Trust Ireland co-ordinates Holocaust Awareness Programmes and Teacher Education Programmes throughout Ireland.