The Gathering

The Jewish Gathering

The Jewish GatheringThe Jewish Gathering 21st-28th July was an enormous success!

We were delighted to see so many friends from far and near at the museum.  The museum’s cultural programmes were well attended and highly acclaimed. Thanks to all our special guest speakers, artists and performers who made the events such an outstanding experience for all and to the many volunteers who helped out throughout the week.

One of the highlights of the week was the Harry Kernoff tribute and review by Kevin O’Connor and the placement of a permanent memorial plaque on his former home and studio in Stamer Street.

Local authors Ray Rivlin and Marilyn Taylor entertained us with their stories and recollections as did genealogist, Stuart Rosenblatt.

We were treated to two film showings by filmmaker Louis Lentin followed by insightful discussion from guest speakers.

Pat Liddy had great numbers out for his walking tours despite heavy showers on both days!

Joycean aficionados were treated to Terence Killeen’s scholarly treatment of Ulysses while Noel O’Grady sang those incredible Joycean songs and a surprise author emerged in the audience packed with those whose ancestors are mentioned in Ulysses!

History, debate, more films, revelations and good humour finished the exhilarating programme of events.

If you would like to be a part of the museum’s on-going programme, let us know how you can help. We welcome volunteer assistance, additions to the collection and donations. We need your support!

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3 thoughts on “The Gathering

  1. It is great to see the Museum seems to be thriving and still reminding people of the positive role Jewish people have played in Irish life.
    I was luck enough some time ago to be able to visit the museum and personally donate a small artefact.
    I look forward to returning and wish you well in your endevours.
    Kind regards
    Martin O’Connor

    1. Dear Martin, Thanks so much for the best wishes. We look forward to seeing you again and send best regards to you and your family for the Holiday season, Yvonne and all at the museum.

  2. What dates do you have for 2014? My family were part of the Dublin community until the 1950s (Roznowsky/Wolf) and I am planning a visit with a friend for the coming year.

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