Museum Objectives

museum objectives

The Irish Jewish Museum aims to maintain a museum in the City of Dublin and therein to exhibit, promote and preserve artefacts relating to the history of the Jews of Ireland, to the Jewish religion, to Jewish history, culture and heritage and to the Holocaust.

In particular:

  • to preserve the synagogue on the premises.
  • to store, maintain, conserve, enhance and extend the Museum collection.
  • to provide a library resource centre and educational facilities, to organise lectures and cultural events in furtherance of the objectives of the Museum.
  • to promote education, research and publication relating to the history of the Jews of Ireland, to the Jewish religion, to Jewish culture and heritage.
  • to promote Holocaust awareness and education; to hold exhibitions, to promote research and publication and to organise lectures and workshops on the subject of the Holocaust.
  • to receive and accept gifts, donations, grants, or subscriptions for the purposes of these objects, such gifts, donations, grants or subscriptions to vest in the Irish Jewish Museum Trust in accordance with the provisions set out in Clause 15 of this Constitution.
  • to raise funds for the furtherance of these objects.


At its height, the number of Jewish citizens in Ireland only reached 5,000, so why does Ireland need a museum to celebrate a community that today numbers just over 1,000?

  • to celebrate the miracle of Jewish survival in an Irish context.
  • to celebrate the disproportionate contribution to Irish society made by this tiny community in politics, the law, medicine, academia, the professions, the arts, music and culture.
  • to inform the wider Irish community – in Ireland and in the global Irish Diaspora – about the Irish Jewish experience.
  • to serve as a beacon of cultural diversity.
  • to show how a small ethnic community can flourish in the wider society.
  • to emphasise the Jewish element of the shared Judeo-Christian heritage.
  • to celebrate thousands of years of Jewish culture and language.
  • to educate toward tolerance and diversity.
  • to combat antisemitism, racism and xenophobia.