The Survivors in Ireland: A Tribute by Artist Diana Muller – Temporary Exhibit

Diana Muller Tribute

This is a tribute to some of those who survived and built their lives in Ireland. Four members of the community immortalised in portraiture, whose lives have served as an example that the human spirit can stand against brutality. Their portraits tell the story.

Diana Muller is a fine artist from Co. Kerry, the third generation of artists in the Muller family, based at Brushwood Studios Gallery. She specialises in figurative work, and paints mainly in oils. Diana draws inspiration from nature, mythology and dream imagery but mostly from people.

“The Holocaust is a subject that is often exploited in art for horror and controversy, or sentimentalised for entertainment.  But the reality of the Holocaust is not in the imagination of an artist. It is through the survivors that we know about the genocide at all. It is through their accounts that we begin to understand what was lost, and how far we have come.”

This exhibition will be open on the following dates:

Sunday 19th April

Sunday 26th April

Sunday 3rd May

Monday to Thursday 4th 5th 6th 7th May

Sunday 10th May

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