VIDEO | Yanky Fachler: The Day a Jewish Flag Flew Over the Warsaw Ghetto

Yanky Fachler

[twocol_one] The 4th meeting of the reconstituted meeting of the Jewish Historical Society of Ireland took place at the Jewish Museum, Dublin.To coincide with Yom HaShoah, Yanky Fachler – raconteur, motivational speaker and sage presented a talking recall the brief light of hope represented by the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

In this first part of two Yanky shares with the audience a moving account of his family’s connection to wartime Poland. He describes the environment within the Warsaw Ghetto where 30% of the city’s population was corralled into 2% of the city’s landmass as one designed more for death than sustaining life. Allied to the disease ridden cramped conditions, the Nazis maintained a nutrition regime designed to induced death by starvation.

In a previous talk to the Jewish Historical Society, Prof. Steven Katz remarked “it’s wasn’t that there was so little resistance during the Shoah, it was that there was any”. In this second part of two Yanky pays tribute to those heroic resisters when held out until the Warsaw Ghetto was leveled and it had given up 400,000 Polish Jews .

Yanky does not gloss over the issue of divisions with the resistance, and sheds some new light on the role of Menachim Begin, future Prime Minister of Israel. [/twocol_one][twocol_one_last]





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