The Scher Family Megillah

Scher Megillah and it’s protective case

Megillah means “scroll” or book in Hebrew. The copy of the Megillah (Book of Esther) in the Irish Jewish Museum is known as the “Scher” Megillah. The Megillah of Esther recounts the story of Esther, a Jewish woman who is the heroine of the story which took place in the Persian Empire in the 5th […]

Dublin Bnei Akivah Invitation

Bnai Akiva Stationary

Invitation card to a meeting of Bnei Akiva. Founded in 1945, it was one of many youth organisations to promote Jewish awareness through education and social activities. Other groups included Torah V’Avodah (1927), Habonim (1929) and Tifereth Bachurim (1937). Bnei Akiva ended in 1990 due to decreasing numbers.

Yiddish Plays Poster

Poster - Yiddish Theatre in Rathmines

Poster for the visiting Fishmans from London with their Yiddish Plays in Rathmines Town Hall 1912. This poster advertises a series of Yiddish Plays performed in Rathmines in Town Hall on Saturday 20 January 1912.

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