Herzog Parochet

Herzog Parochot

Ark cover presented to Adelaide Road synagogue by Chaim Herzog, President of Israel on his official visit to Dublin in 1985. Velvet with silver embroidery.

Dublin Daughters of Zion Embroidery

Dublin Daughters of Zion - Embroidered Signatures

1950 embroidered signatures on a tablecloth to celebrate golden anniversary of Dublin Daughters of Zion. The Dublin Daughters of Zion (DDZ) founded in 1900. Together with the other women’s groups- Hulda, Hadassah, Hannah Senesh, South Dublin WIZO and Ziona- were affiliated to the Zionist Council of Ireland.

Robert Briscoe’s Kippa

Robert Briscoe - Kippah

This yarmulke was worn by Robert Briscoe on all his visits to America as Lord Mayor of Dublin The kippa was presented to Robert Briscoe at a reception given by the Bayonne Jewish Community, New Jersey, USA. 1951 Robert Briscoe was twice Lord Mayor of Dublin 1956 & 1961. Kippa is green silk with hand painted green shamrocks.

Velvet Tefillin Bag

Blue Velvet Tefillin bag with Hebrew embroidery

Satin lined stiffened velvet Tefillin bag. Dark blue with gold edging comprising finial motifs and Hebrew inscription on upper edge. Tasseled gold draw strings. Sephardic in origin. Dated 1919 with the initials GMM.

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