Dr Michael Solomons

Michael Solomons was born in Dublin in 1919, the second child of Bethel and Gertrude Solomons. In addition to becoming a gynaecologist and obstetrician, he became a pioneer of sex education and family planning in Ireland, and a campaigner for the 1983 constitutional campaign on abortion. He was also president of the Dublin Jewish Progressive […]

Rosa and Maurice Solomons

Rosa (1843-1926 née Jacobs)’s family was from Hull in north England. She was the sixth child of 14 children born to Sarah Barnett and Bethel Jacobs. Bethel’s father Israel Jacobs (1773-1853) had lived in Hull since at least 1801 where they were silver/goldsmiths and watch makers with shops in Hull and Scarborough. Rosa had spent 4 years studying in France and Germany and was a pianist and published poet. According to the historian Louis Hyman, it is almost certain that Rosa was the author who published the rebuttal in the All-Ireland Review to antisemitism in Limerick in 1904. Rosa’s other activities included her involvement in the Irish Women’s Suffrage and Local Government Association in 1913.

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